Dining Room Makeover Phase 1

When we bought our home in October I had so many visions for it. One of the main priorities I had was to get the dining room set up for entertaining over the holidays.

Now of course, I love our house. So many old colonial details in the molding and floors, sconces, but the previous owners seems to love one thing I don’t….Blue. The baby blue molding in the dining room was killing me. There were some interesting color choices in other areas of the house, like the lime green half bath and a few others, but I could live with those. In fact, I still do for the most part. But this blue in a dining room. I just could not. I SHALL NOT. And luckily, I didn’t.

First order of business- was finding a classic color that wouldn’t be too over powering but also stand out. It’s been so long I can’t remember the exact name of the color, but I wanted to go with something gray but warmer. This gray/tan paint color with the SLIGHTLY hint of olive really did the trick. I’m absolutely in love everyday.

Most know- I love black furniture and contrasting tonalities but since so much of the room is already graphic itself with the molding I wanted it to compliment the wood tones, more than stand out.

I ended up mulling over two options for dining table. The one we had previously in our old house was 10 years old and badly scratched from heavy usage and Portia having a mental breakdown in a thunderstorm and trying to dig her way through it. So I had two styles in mind. Mostly, farmhouse style with black spindle style chairs or did I want something more classic/upholstered? Since our old set had upholstered seats that were gross and destroyed I decided to go with non-upholstered.

original silver light fixture with new table and chairs

On top of that, the light fixture was a silver that worked with the light blue but I wanted something more rustic and classic. I opted for a black farmhouse style chandelier from overstock that was super affordable and really uplifted the room. It came with shades to go over the bulbs but instead I opted for GE’s new style vintage bulbs!

So after all my rambling here is the semi-finished* product. We still have art to finish procuring/hanging and a few other items have come and gone since. But this was a majority of the work done and I’m super happy with it.

*One of my main reason’s for labeling this post “Phase 1” and calling it “semi-finished” was because you know all that talk about not getting upholstered chairs because my family is gross? Well, since moving to this new house and using this set about twice since Christmas; I’ve realized we don’t use the formal dining room table as much as we did in our old smaller home. We now have a large kitchen table we eat most of our meals at casually.

Recently, the opportunity arose to get a new set with the classic rounded upholstered chairs I was so torn over! So as I’m typing this today it is being delivered, my house is completely torn upside down, and I have a classic dining room farmhouse table and chair set up for sale! If you are interested in purchasing and local to New Haven County, Connecticut please email me for inquiries at alexis@cheeseandweim.com!

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    So obsessed with this space!

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