Half Bath Refresh

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As promised I am adding some more posts not food-related. The first, our half bath “refresh”. When we moved into our new home in November our goal was to have it at least presentable for Christmas. I wanted to repaint the back hall, half bath on the first floor and laundry room asap but as with most projects…that was a bit overzealous for us in the holiday season.

The back hall and laundry room are still weird colors but I prioritized getting the half bath that is off the kitchen done. I really wanted it redone since we would be hosting our families for Christmas and that would be most of their first time seeing our new home.


I’m calling this a “refresh” because we kept all the bones to the bathroom, the floors, sink, hardware, and toilet all stayed. I just really wanted the green gone and make it feel a bit more modern.

The bathroom is SUPER small, it barely fits myself and Ro in there so we didn’t need to go too crazy, but one thing bothering me was that there was no mirror in there. We have 2 full baths upstairs but when we are home during the day we spend so much time in the kitchen and this bathroom gets a lot of use. It’s also near the back door so it frequently is popped into for a “last look” in the mirror. I found this super cute round mirror at Home Goods one day. I grabbed it without even knowing how wide the wall was and if it would fit. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I brought it home and it was a perfect fit! This photo is me excitedly showing my friend that I had bought it with.

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Of course, what always gets the big “wow” factor is the wallpaper. I get so many questions about it. It’s actually peel-and-stick! I will link it here and We used about 2 rolls to do 1 wall. I decided to do the one wall you see from the entrance to save money, not make the space feel too crowded (it’s a busy print) and for that general wow factor.

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Brett even added a little light switch “detail” with some leftover paper.

A lot of people ask me how I like the peel and stick and, honestly, I love it. We painted the wall under it the same antique white we went with for the rest of the bathroom so if I ever get tired of it- it will just peel off. It’s held up pretty well. The only spot that we had peel was the part that is directly over the floor vent for our heat but I patched it up with some double -sided tape and it hasn’t fallen down since.

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Added project to my list this week: Spray paint floor vents

We hung a new toilet paper holder, towel hook and since there is no room for storage (I didn’t want a cabinet under the sink) we hung a very shallow shelf very high for extra toilet paper and other things a guest might need to grab while in there.

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I also love the light that comes in here. The only downside is that this window looks right out to our side patio with pergola that we are planning to spruce up and entertain. I decided to go with sheer curtains to protect our guests’ privacy from anyone dining outside but still allows the light in, that I love so much.

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And that’s about it! I will definitely be sharing some more updates soon, we did a good refresh in the dining room which I will write up soon and eventually update this post once I redo the floor.

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