August Garden Update



Well well well, we are in FULL SWING of things with our garden this summer. We have so many shishitos, zucchini and tomatoes I don’t know what more to do with them. Kidding, I am eating them to death because they are so delicious. Nothing tops home grown, sorry Shoprite.

I think it’s safe to say we have the garden thing (almost) down.


Since my last update, our garden has literally EXPLODED onto the scene. We can barely walk through it these days. I laugh at the photos from earlier this summer with our dinky tomato cages as now we had to put 8ft poles in and tie our tomatoes up!


Lucid Gem Heirloom tomatoes

We have so many beautiful looking tomatoes in the house right now, they are almost too pretty to eat! But…meanwhile…this might be frowned upon in the finance world, but if I were you I’d go all in on Buratta cheese stock right now (BECAUSE ALL I WANT IS TOMATO, BASIL, AND CHEESE).

Basil and pepper


Our broccoli plants are enormous and we’ve gotten a few heads. Nothing as big and tight as you find in a grocery store but way tastier. Since it has been rather sporadic thus far- most of it has been steamed up for Ro’s lunches. Girl digs her veggies, just like mama.



We’ve also gotten so many jalapenos and shishitos. The shishitos at the moment are coming in almost a gallon-1.5gal a week! We are eating them as pre-dinner snacks nearly every night and giving away what we can (or want to spare). I also made some pickled jalepenos this weekend and they are AWESOME.



And new to the scene are the eggplants. They’ve been biding their time…just waiting for me to get sick of zucchini and green beans. Luckily, I have a great skinny eggplant rollatini recipe that is a great meal to prep and freeze. I will be posting that soon. In fact, since I took these photos 5 days ago we’ve gotten 4 full grown eggplants with probably 10-15 more on their way! Maybe it’s time to test more baba ganoush recipes?

And as we were warned…our zucchinis, pumpkin, and watermelon had completely taken over.

Sadly, if you notice from these photos, some sort of mold had taken over. We fought the good fight but decided to cut (haha, get it?) our losses and take out the pumpkin, zucchini, and watermelon. The watermelon had rotten and fallen off the vine, and the pumpkin was slowly dying. It was also near time for us to start planting our fall crops, so all is not lost! Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, and Spinach.


look, we use what boxes we have here. Don’t judge.


As for my herb garden, it’s going wild. The bees don’t seem to mind and neither do I. They were all happily buzzing away in my herbs (and the other garden) the Saturday morning I took these photos.


If you’re looking for our haul or what I’m cooking up from the garden, follow me on Instagram (link on the sidebar)! And check out my Instagram stories for more up-to-date gardening daze days.

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  3. Annie Avatar

    Ahhh caprese for days, months!! Seriously garden GOALS.
    xo Annie

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