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Guys, I have so much shot and ready to be edited/written up! I know, I know- summer + new baby. I’ve been off living the dream. Really, I just wanted to enjoy every minute. Working full time and trying to get the most out of our little girls first year was my priority. I haven’t stopped thinking about this blog though! And I have to say that I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

One major thing you will notice is that I finally bought the domain! yay! Easier to access hopefully!

I also plan to add more recipes and the triumphant return of my easy weeknight meals, more entertaining, (since I can kind of do that again), travel recap and HOPEFULLY some household projects (if we ever get to them). I also plan to shoot and show off Rowan’s nursery since I just love it. Even if it isn’t as picture perfect as it was before it was in use, it’s still my favorite room in the house.

So stay tuned, I’m editing and writing away.



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  1. Alison Avatar

    Bout time!!

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