So, readers……the year kind of got away from me!

After the fall I got engrossed in the holidays AND getting ready for baby. I plan to add some blogging about pregnancy/mom life very soon and give this blog a make over! Lots more home projects, baby things and of course FOOD! Now that I am able to cook again…..I ran out of energy with my pregnancy and of course had no time with a newborn.

Until I give this blog a bit of a boost here are the goods:

Introducing the newest member of the family,

Miss Rowan James.


8lbs and 20.25″ of pure cuteness.




10 weeks old tomorrow! Time flies, I’m back and work and back in action! With a sweet new side kick!

3 responses to “Wow!”

  1. Avatar

    Wow Rowan is very cute… Congratulations😘

    1. Alexis Avatar

      thank you!

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