Return of the Prodigal Blogger


It seems like just yesterday I was wishing you all a Happy Spring and now it is Labor Day weekend! I have to say I have felt totally awful about abandoning my favorite project (this blog) for the last 3.5 months, but I have good reasoning behind it.

I meant to post up a recipe for some delicious Cajun style catfish I made today but I feel like a small recap of what I’ve been up to all summer was in order first.

First off in June for Father’s Day/my dad’s actual birthday. My whole family (excluding my husband who got a new job) went on a trip to Chicago. We had a fabulous time, and even though I live so close to the Eatly in NYC I haven’t been yet, so my first trip there was in Chicago.

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I also got to finally go to the Art Institute, which was full of paintings i’ve studied and admired my entire life.


My love of architecture was also fufilled on the architectural boat tour which was amazing on a sunny summer day.


My dad is a huge Cubs fans, my brother in law is a Dodgers fan. So there was a little family rivalry going on with both teams playing each other while we were in town.

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And you’re saying, ok so that was June? Where the hell else have you been if you haven’t been in your kitchen lady?

Well even though I have not been cooking I have been eating.

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So don’t worry about that.

And since I have been eating so much- boy has my waistline been expanding….


And there is good reason for that….(Brace yourselves for Game of Thrones jokes…)

Announcement postcard back Announcement postcard back2 image1

So, while my utmost apologizes are due, blog readers, for being completely repulsed by the idea of preparing and cooking food for the last few months….

I do have a good excuse?

It is so strange how these things happen. I had a few hormonal crying fits over not wanting to cook anything because that IS my favorite hobby. I do promise that this blog will not turn into a 100% pregnancy driven blog. But, as I always intended it to be more of a lifestyle blog and not just all food there will be probably some more home projects posted (as my nesting instincts go crazy) and i’m sure later on some baby/Portia posts.

11846755_10100970064869477_1209483961154165142_n 11201926_10100970780894557_2510387632588539161_n

Portia and Martini are already good big sisters who love snuggling with their soon-to-arrive sibling.


So keep your eyes peeled for me getting back into the kitchen with one extra cook now!

catfish 043 copy

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    Yayayayayyyyy! Love this, welcome back 🙂

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