Making Spirits Bright

The 3 days of Christmas!! just kidding…

I was just sitting here trying to get inspired about what to call this post. My husband just awoke from a nap and said “what are you doing…blogging? Call it….the 8 days of Christmas” Oh sure dear, too bad Christmas is 3 days away (ahh) and I sort of botched that idea since I doubt I will be able to keep up with the responsibilities that title commits me to. Not to mention, I’m just about Christmas’ed-out. Is anyone else as exhausted as me? no? Well, you’ll find out why shortly…

I built a great inventory this last week or so of cooking images to share with you readers but it all culminated this past weekend at my small Christmas party. So keep an eye out later this week once the tornado of Christmas has left the building for some great recipes (I’m talking spinach artichoke dip, baba ganoush, pumpkin white bean chili and PORK RILLETTES, finally).

Until then enjoy my christmas cheese tree. My total NOT pinterest fail (yay, victory!)

10502439_10100746318943107_5192561137820951717_nTo recap my weekend I wanted to highlight what makes the holidays great (in my eyes) it’s not gifts, but spending time with the people you love. And while I still have many more people to see this party was a great kick off to the upcoming week of festivities.

holiday party 2014 020 copy

holiday party 2014 025 copy

Pictured is my famous spinach artichoke dip, recipe to follow this week, a simple bruchette, pork rillettes. Also, “puppy chow” and sourdough, ranch, bacon and cheddar pull a part bread that was provided by my friend Stacey. The bread was divine, it’s pretty much everything bad for you baked together and bacon…need I say more?

The fun part about parties is that everyone always brings a little something. Even though I did not ask that’s whats fun about parties! Everyone brings a wine, dish, dessert and it becomes this big smorgasbord of delicious indulgences.

And indulge we did.

holiday party 2014 081 copyholiday party 2014 070 copyholiday party 2014 065 copyholiday party 2014 061 copyI was provided a life-time supply of Lindt chocolate from work, my sister made  AH-mazing cornbread and my friend Julie made brownie cups for us….then mike ate them.

holiday party 2014 055 copyholiday party 2014 048 copy

holiday party 2014 047 copy

There was wine, martinis, bourbon, bailey’s and….spiked egg nog (not pictured because by that point the expensive camera had to go away)

holiday party 2014 042 copy10801799_10100746328768417_5733272374304112796_nholiday party 2014 068 copy

And as if all the food, people and drinks weren’t enough my sister brought over her new 15 week old puppy, Kershaw, for Portia to party it up with.

holiday party 2014 037 copyholiday party 2014 052 copy

It was surely a madhouse. But Portia still made time for her guests.

holiday party 2014 092 copyholiday party 2014 095

Stacey, your eyes are closed but you still look cute. Sorry.

holiday party 2014 084 copy

If you are thinking this was QUITE the combination of people, food, drinks and dogs- then you are correct. I subsequently spent the entire next day in bed. I finally got up at 7pm to migrate to my couch and eat some take-out chinese food. Portia also slept the entire day and night. I think SOMEONE was a little hung over from all her partying. Definitely wasn’t me…I was just keeping her company…yup.


So, Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Keep and eye out later in the week for at least two big food blogs about some of the apps I prepared. And I wish you all as much of a happy holiday that I am already in full swing of enjoying!

3 responses to “Making Spirits Bright”

  1. Stacey Avatar

    Oh and the bread was suppose to be sourdough, but they didn’t have any at Stop & Shop so it was actually Italian, if anyone cares.

  2. Stacey Avatar

    Yay, love it, so much fun! Looks like Andrew’s giving Portia the stink eye for sitting with me.

    1. alexismurda Avatar

      I think she sensed it and had to share some of the love with him.

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