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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I told myself once a week and now I’ve already broken that promise. To be honest, I haven’t been doing all that much that is interesting. I’m cooking, but nothing exciting to post (lasagna, meatloaf, left over turkey pot pie – snooze fest). In my personal life- after the holidays and my 5 day weekend I’ve been thrusted back into work as this time of year we try to plan a head and make up for the upcoming holiday time and possible winter weather. I still haven’t seen snow! We had one day last week, that was just sleet and rain. Made for some messy driving, but dreary scenery.

photo (2)Martini and I have been busy, doing nothing.

In my 5 day post-turkey/rain coma I did get into the kitchen for breakfast! There is nothing that I love more on a cold weekend morning than getting up, making a pot of coffee and putzing around my cabinets trying to figure out what to eat. One day in particular I saw a box of pancake mix and thought, ‘hm! It’s been a while!’ Well, when I opened the box I found out just how long it had been and without going into too much detail- threw the box into the garbage and began to brainstorm. We had already had french toast, scrambled eggs, omelettes, muffins, cinnamon rolls (look- I wasn’t kidding- I love making breakfast when I am home) and of course thought- pancake mix cant have that many ingredients in it. And guess what? It doesn’t.

breakfast winter 009 copyThese pancakes of course were extremely delicious per my taste tester and resident ass-kisser, Brett.

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I love making pancakes but of course after doing these I realized I should stop being so lazy and get my real skillet top out. Trying to flip pancakes in a semi-deep frying pan leads to a few mishaps.

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BUT, I of course had to top myself on a more recent morning.

I have no idea why this came into my head but I also LOVE eggs benedict. In fact, get any kind of cheese/creamy sauce with a runny egg over an english muffin and im SOLD. I can’t even name all the variations of eggs benedict I have had without my stomach rumbling.

Unfortunately, I have no images of the process as toasting muffins, making hollandaise, frying ham and making poached eggs for the first time requires many more hands than I had to offer and primarily one less than it would take to snap some photos. But, as interesting as poaching an egg sounds for you- it was actually really fun! I was really nervous but got it right away. Making the little whirl pool, dropping it in and watching the whites swirl around and wrap around the yolk……I sound like such a nerd. What a rush! EGGS!



Don’t judge me. 

My first beautiful poached egg…I remember it like it was last week (cough)…. placed on a paper towel for a minute to remove some excess water….time to…carefully move it to go onto the muffin and…Splat.

Breakfast for Portia.

At that point my hollandaise was bubbling and my muffins getting cold so…I will again spare you the full details but lets just say I wasn’t the perkiest or most pleasant little cook when my husband walked in the room and said “there has to be an easier way to cook more eggs at once”. As I was in the middle of what I call- KITCHEN CHAOS.

But lets forget all that, because once these puppies were on the table…all my stresses were gone.

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On a non-cooking but equally food-enjoment-related news (that was awkward.) we FINALLY finished painting our dining room. Ok, I say “we“- but really I picked the colors and then sat my ass on the couch with my laptop on pinterest while Brett slaved away. What can I say? I made poached eggs…last week. Leave me be…..*sips coffee*.

breakfast winter 093

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Top: Brown Mustard; Trim: White (generic white, deal); Bottom: Colonial White

If you are thinking this color looks familiar it’s because the back wall of my kitchen that you would see from the dining room is the same yellow. Ayyyeeee…I’m proud. And happy to have another room near complete. Our next goal is to finally paint the living room but it is so windy tonight that we discovered a piece of siding is coming off and whacking away at the side of the house, oh home owner-ship. Back to reality tomorrow! In the meantime, I will spend my week dreaming up what cooking challenges I will face next weekend. Maybe something more challenging than poached eggs but equally as delicious.

What’s your favorite “special” breakfast to make at home? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. aloynd Avatar

    Yum. Your eggs look pretty amaze. And I wanna cuddle with Martini.

  2. Stacey Avatar

    “I should stop being so lazy and get my real skillet top out”…of my trunk.

    1. alexismurda Avatar

      haha you know it!

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