Bachelor Life

It’s 5:30 on a Sunday and I have barely moved from my couch.

Even Portia doesn’t want to entertain me, she’s been chomping away and a fresh marrow bone I bought her.


bye biatch.

My husband has been in LA since Thursday morning and I had so many plans of everything I wanted to get done while he was away. I had 4 whole days! Did I do all of it? some, but no where near close.

How many people are more motivated to get housework done alone rather than with their living-mate in the house?

*raises hand*

Somehow this weekend I lost track of that. Not that I didn’t do a lot to fill my time but I never got around to folding all the laundry that is staring at me, at the very moment, from the basket in the corner of the room. I even suggested I was going to go through all the clothes I own but haven’t worn in 3 years to donate to good will. I had told my friend I was going to do it and guess what- she started doing it and I am sitting here sipping a diet dr.pepper watching a Newsroom Season 2 marathon. At least someone was motivated this weekend.

I don’t want it to appear that I sat around my house for 4 days moping because I am alone. I spend a lot of time on my own even when Brett is in the same state. I went to visit my sister’s new puppy again with my father and she made us an amazing home cooked meal.I went to the mall with my friend Leah and we bought some super awesome matching sweaters on a whim. It was too good to just let her buy it. I had to have it too! I spent Thursday night aimlessly driving around New Haven with my father trying to decide where to eat, something my friends would instantly recognize because I am usually the most impossible one at choosing where to eat. I also went to my saturday yoga class with my yoga buddy, Stacey, and then had a long boozy lunch to counter-act all that yoga good. Both our husbands were out of town for the night so what else are us lonely bachelorettes to do? (obviously)

photo 3

Can’t get enough of this little babe.

Speaking of yoga, that is probably why I haven’t been able to move today. I go often but yesterday we did some serious arm strengthening poses that are leaving me a bit sore today. I love that feeling. And I love feeling myself get stronger every week- a little bit more. The link below includes some great poses for just that. Some of them I do often and some…not yet….(side crow!? No thanks. I can still barely hold my crow for more than 45 seconds) But I will get there!


Balancing Star

I also made some delicious pumpkin seeds from the coveted “last pumpkin” of season. So strange that after Halloween all the pumpkins from the store disappear. What do they do with the extras?! Also what do I do with the faceless hollowed out pumpkin? eh?

Well it is t-minus 2 hours until Brett touches down at JFK and t-minus 3 hours before I start making a late night dinner for him since he hasn’t eaten in over 7 hours. He has requested risotto so I hope to make a follow-up post about my favorite go-to risotto recipe later this week. I find a lot of people are intimidated by making risotto, yes its a bit more involved and time consuming than just throwing some rice in a boiling pot of water and leaving it for 20 minutes but it’s not something you can’t easily make on a Tuesday night without ordering it at your local italian restaurant.

Personally, I don’t want to think about dinner for days because I have been OD’ing on these  seeds. But alas, my wild bachelor(ette) weekend must come to a close and well……welcome home Brett. Hope you had fun (and brought me back swag from Blizzcon 2014)

photo 2

Yummy seasoning to follow

What I’ve been using to roast my seeds is super simple and extremely tasty. Once you’ve cleaned them out and dried them I simply toss in

  • olive oil
  • paprika
  • fresh ground pepper
  • tumeric (my hands are dyed yellow now)
  • garlic
  • onion salt.

Toast for 30(ish) minutes (until they are toasted) on 325.

If anyone finds some pumpkins before thanksgiving give me a heads up! I want to make more. It’s a yummy snack and I anticipate mine will be gobbled up tomorrow by the co-worker who inspired me to start making these (shes more obsessed than me!) 🙂

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  1. aloynd Avatar

    SEEEDS! I want some. And I am terrified by rissoto so I’m going to read this next post carefully…

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