Pumpkin Madness

Is it Friday yet? I know it is only Tuesday and this is a ridiculous question but my GOODNESS I have had a pretty productive and crazy week already. Not to mention I’m already planning out all the things I want to do Saturday. Will I get them all done? Probably not. But dammit, I will try.

I made an amazing Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili in my crockpot this weekend. And we are still eating the leftovers here at work today. It made me think that I NEED to carve my pumpkins before the weeks end. Not for trick-or-treaters sake, but so I can eat toasted pumpkin seeds.

But even after I carve out those suckers, and separate my seeds I thought- ‘what could I do with all that goopy stuff?’ But really, I already knew the answer. It has been staring me in the face all week. My dog bone cookie cutter that I received as a gift and still have yet to use.

Yes, PUMPKIN dog treats- thats going to be my weekend task! I’ve seen a few recipes floating around online and I will followup with which I go with but, Portia loves pumpkin and it’s a great food to feed your pets. This time of year I like to stock up with a few cans of 100% pumpkin NOT pumpkin pie mix (read your labels carefully) to keep on hand in case we have some…digestive problems with Portia (Queen P). Not to mention, she goes bonkers for it.


Portia is so #basic

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